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About Final Round AI Interview

Tired of countless attempts to apply for a job and interview but barely making it to the final round? If so, it’s time to consider the best assistant with Final Round AI.

Final Round AI Review: About Final Round AI Interview

This AI tool is designed to aid you in your job-seeking journey, from creating a resume to salary negotiation. It can generate actionable guidance instantly during the interview.

In addition, it’s highly popular, with over 32.2K followers on Instagram, 23.2K on TikTok, and 1.28K on YouTube. Its service has even helped many candidates land jobs in SalesForce, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Orion, and more.

But what is this AI tool actually about? How it can help you? Thus, our Final Round AI review is here to help you understand it more deeply. Keep reading each section to the end!

Overview Of Final Round AI

The Final Round AI story in helping people to get jobs was started in 2018. Further, Michael G started this company with its headquarters in Palo Alto, California, to offer AI-powered tools.

In addition, he wants to start this company to build end-to-end career support. That’s why the brand started offering tools with great AI superpowers to assist your interview experience. 

Not long after, this platform gradually gains huge interest from job seekers. It also keeps growing, with over 250K offers received and 1.2M interviews completed. So, this platform is clearly the leader in the field.

Final Round AI Reviews

Job interviews require planned preparation for successful execution. This is when the Final Round AI is most needed. The platform is an AI-powered tool focused on interview preparation and enhancement.

Final Round AI Reviews: Final Round AI Reviews

Its cutting-edge features will assist job candidates across various industries in every interview step. Hence, the platform offers multiple services to meet your needs from day one to the final rounds.

Final Round AI Services

Before Interviews
  • Resume Revision
  • Cover Letter Generation
  • Mock Interview
  • Interview Q&A Flashcard
During Interviews
  • Interview Copilot
  • Real-Time Transcription
  • Coding Copilot
  • Personalized Support
After Interviews
  • Interview Summary
  • Salary Negotiation (Q2 2024)
  • Auto Followup (Q2 2024)

Further, its app is accessible using a Chrome extension. The extensions also support all meeting software, such as Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and more.

Need more elaboration about its services and subscription? Then, scroll through every section of our Final Round AI reviews below for more info!

Final Round AI Interview Copilot Reviews

The main service of Final Round AI is the Interview Copilot. It is basically an intelligent teleprompter in real time that will assist you in your online interview to get a job.

Final Round AI Review: Final Round AI Interview Copilot Reviews

One of the best features is the real-time AI transcription, which helps one understand questions and sentences sharply. Moreover, the proprietary voice-to-text AI models will display the transcript and highlight it on your screen without latency for easy understanding and recall.

Additionally, the curated live support offers the best answer based on interviewees’ skills and experience meeting job requirements. Even better, cutting-edge AI has modular capabilities. Hence, it’ll provide the best text with over 50 industries of domain knowledge.

From answering an easy introduction to passing the challenge, this AI is the right assistant for your final round. Thus, start your interview success story with the best Interview Copilot assistance!

Final Round AI Resume Builder Reviews

A resume is highly vital to help you pass the screening process. If you mostly failed in the first step, it’s time to upgrade to the Final Round AI Resume Builder.

Final Round AI Review: Final Round AI Resume Builder Reviews

This feature is an AI-powered resume editor that allows you to create perfect, hireable resumes. Further, AI offers comprehensive automation everywhere.

It generates personalized content to highlight the experience and easily pass the automated screening system. The platform also features real-time feedback and extensive templates with various colors, fonts, and sizes.

Ready to start creating and editing your resume with the help of AI? Then join now to craft the most hireable resumes that help you pass the screening stage!

Final Round AI Subscription & Price

After hearing about its service and features above, you must be curious about the Final Round AI pricing. Basically, its plans are the same. However, the only difference is the membership period and the credits. So, here are the current subscription options:

Final Round AI Plans Pricing

  Trial Pro Get Hired Fast God Mode
Price FREE $148/mo $96/mo
Credits No 100/mo 300/3-mo 600/6-mo
25 Credits/Session (60mins) No Yes Yes Yes
AI Models Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced
Resume & Cover Letter Revision Yes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Interview Q&A Preparation Yes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mock Interview No Yes Yes Yes
1:1 Technical Support No Yes Yes Yes

The free trial is good news because you can enjoy its features before investing your money. Thus, harness your intelligent second brain to pass your interview for free!

How Does Final Round AI Work?

So, how to use Final Round AI for interview? The first step is to get suitable plans for your needs. Further, follow these steps to bring your interview experience to the next level:

  1. Firstly, access the Web app using your latest Chrome browser.
  2. After that, click “Create” to input details and set up your goals.
  3. Next, go to the “Materials” section to upload your resume, cover letters, and others.
  4. Access the Mock Interview to set up and start the mock interview,
  5. Then, you can do the same thing for the next real interview!

Who Is Final Round AI For?

This service is designed for everyone looking for an AI superpower in their job-seeking journeys. That’s why this AI-powered tool is perfect for job seekers in many fields.

In addition, its AI-generated interview teleprompter is also great for interviewees. Its smart features will give you personalized real-time guidance for the best answer.

Final Round AI Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

It’s normal to be very skeptical when reading how helpful this subscription tool is. However, user reviews can confirm whether your skepticism is true or not.

Final Round AI Review: Final Round AI Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

First, we checked Reddit and found many good opinions about the tool. In addition, the reviews on Product Hunt seem promising, with a 4.9/5 average rating from ‎77 testimonials. Next, read this one of the Final Round AI reviews:

I significantly improved my grasp of case interview techniques, preparing me for the demanding consulting sector. Furthermore, thorough preparation led by this tool ensures standout performance in McKinsey & Company interviews…

The following testimonial also said:

Transitioning to a high-tech industry seemed daunting… However, these invaluable AI tools were crucial in my successful leap to a prominent role at a giant e-commerce giant. Notably, this career shift also doubled my salary…

All in all, we hardly see any negative reviews about this AI tool. Most of them love the experience of using the tool while reaching their dream of passing the interview. Furthermore, the service allows the users to boost their skills and performance.

Is Final Round AI Worth It?

This Service is a game changer in your job-seeking and interview journey. Its AI tool makes your experience much more seamless, using the superpower of AI technology. It has everything from creating a successful resume to assisting during interviews.

Final Round AI Review: Is Final Round AI Worth It?

In addition, we love how the features make everything much easier. It also helps us upgrade our interview skills with the help of cutting-edge AI. So, this interview assistant tool is a worthy alternative.

Final Round AI Pros And Cons

After writing this long review, we’ll curate an easy-to-understand pros and cons to assist you in making a decision. Thus, carefully check the list below:


  • Adaptive & cutting-edge AI
  • Intuitive interface
  • Real-time teleprompter & highlighter
  • Instant guidance & feedback
  • Features packed plans
  • Helpful demo video
  • Good pricing
  • Easy cancellation
  • Superb support team
  • Many success stories


  • Subscription fee is nonrefundable

Final Round AI Refund Policy

Members can cancel the app membership anytime by contacting customer service. However, all subscriptions and renewals are nonrefundable.

So, no refund will be given once you pay the subscription fee and cancel the plan. That’s why we highly recommend trying the demo before purchasing the plan.

How To Contact Final Round AI

The customer service would love to hear from you. So, get in touch with them for any questions or concerns via:

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Live Chat: Lower right bubble
  • Social Media: @finalroundai

Headquarters Address

456 University Ave
Palo Alto, California, 94301
United States

Where to buy Final Round AI?

Getting its service is easy. You can sign in for free and buy the plans from the official site at!

Final Round AI Coupon Codes & Promos

Are you searching for any discount codes and promos? We’ve found several savings in the list below:

  • Use the free trial to enjoy free features
  • Earn $25 on referral program
  • Choose a longer period plan for a lower monthly price
  • Join the newsletter for special promo codes and perk updates!

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Final Round AI

Final Round AI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Final Round AI reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is the alternative to Final Round AI?

Other similar companies are Interview Hero, LinkBlink InterviewHub, and Buffup.AI. But just check it and make sure that Final Round AI is the best. 

Does Final Round AI actually work?

Yes, this AI interview assistant has been proven to work by many users. Moreover, we have even found many success stories when using its tools.

Is Final Round AI legit?

This sophisticated tool is legit, with a 4.9 rating and a myriad of success stories.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Final Round AI Reviews & Ratings

Working on every step in your job hunting is not a pain in the as* again. Now, you can work smarter with the help of this AI interview tool. Moreover, the superpower of technology will automate everything for your successful story to the final round.

Additionally, if you often miss some points and are too nervous about flexing your skill, its Copilot feature is a lifesaver. The tool will transcript and provide a personalized answer for you. Hence, unlock the ultimate assistant for your successful final round with Final Round AI!


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